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FastCap Fatboy Pencils

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  Pencils and Markers
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 FatBoy Pencil with lead and built-in eraser along with one additional lead, one red crayon and one white crayon ($21.90) In Stock
 Lead Refill (pack of 5 lead refills + 3 erasers) ($6.32) In Stock
 Red Crayon Refill (pack of 5) ($6.32) In Stock
 White Crayon Refill (pack of 5) ($6.32) In Stock
Owners of the Fatboy Pencil sometimes show off their pencils with the same pride they do any of their fancy tools. And why not? The pencil is an honorable tool, doing its bit for accurate measuring.

The advantage of the Fatboy pencil is that its lead is super-strong and does not break under normal pressure. If you want a very sharp point, it easily sharpens in a standard pencil sharpener (or the sharpener in your Fastcap tape measure). It also stays sharp longer than a standard pencil. The lead is encased in a lightweight but tough aluminum housing that includes a removable clip. Also included: an eraser.

Count on all the strength of a carpenter pencil minus the hassle of carrying around the particular sharpener.

The pencil package includes a FatBoy pencil with 3 additional refills - one lead, one red crayon and one white crayon. Additional refills of each kind are available.

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