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DVD - Biscuit Joinery: Build a Bookcase with Frank Klausz

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DVD - Biscuit Joinery:  Build a Bookcase with Frank KlauszDVD - Biscuit Joinery:  Build a Bookcase with Frank Klauszcancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Frank Klausz

Frank Klauz came to national attention about 20 years ago with a series of profiles and articles in Fine Woodworking. A traditionally trained master cabinetmaker with a large shop in New Jersey, Mr. Klausz is well known for working with fluidity and efficiency. In this video, he guides you through work of biscuit joinery, the modern way to assemble bookcases, carcasses and wall units. Mr. Klausz covers everything you need to make the most of your biscuit joiner, a piece of equipment that is affordable for any sized shop. Among the valuable points covered are designing and making wall units, including drawers, doors, adjustable shelves, and knockdown constructions; choosing the right kind of plywood for your projects, and handling it safely and accurately at your tablesaw and elsewhere in your shop; using simple fences on your bench to make biscuit joinery efficient and easy; and tips and masterly tricks for edging, rabbeting, mitering, gluing-up, and finishing that will make all your projects go better.
Making a bookcase or a wall unit is one of the most popular and necessary projects a woodworker can make. This is a great video for anyone with a large project in mind. 60 minutes, DVD.

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