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Veneer Hammer

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Don't let the name confuse you - veneer hammers look like hammers but aren't really used to hammer anything. You use them after applying hot hide glue to your work and laying the veneer over it. You then use the hammer like a squeegee to press down on the veneer and squeeze out the excess glue while the hot hide glue cools and sets. (Hide glue is reversible, so if the glue sets before you are done, you can always reheat and melt it with an iron). This Two Cherries hammer has a steel head, with a 3 5/8" wide blade and a 12 5/8" long ash handle. Because the head is made of steel, you can put a lot of pressure on the hammer and not worry about breaking it, and the metal will conduct heat away from the work, so that as you squeeze the glue out from the joint it will cool and solidify. It's a solid hammer with a good, positive feel. Made in Germany.
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By: Kwesi Solomon (Mar, 2022)
Veneer hammer

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