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BT&C Hardware Store Saw

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16" BT&C Hardware Store Saw - Hickory Handle alt="16" BT&C Hardware Store Saw - Hickory Handle"cancel 16" BT&C Hardware Store Saw - Hickory Handle ($199.00) In Stock
BT-HSAW.XX panel saw hand saw
At our ideal hardware store you can buy a trustworthy tool, a do-all that is built for general performance, but performance nonetheless. The Brooklyn Tool and Craft Hardware Store Saw sets the standard for that ideal. Overbuilt for functionality, handsome but not over-stylized, hangs on the pegboard, and boy can it saw.

The blade is made of 1095 spring steel, tempered for resilient flexibility and long-lasting sharpness. The teeth are set and filed to a middle ground between cross cut and rip cut teeth, and separated by raker teeth. This makes the Hardware Store Saw excellent for either a rip or a cross cut, and makes it very efficient at clearing out sawdust for speedy cutting in either hardwood or softwood. The handle is hickory, with classic facets and softened edges for comfort. The handle is fastened to the blade with none other than the Gramercy Carbon Steel Split Nuts.

Now to the features: the faces of the blade have been acid-etched with the information we like to have on hand. And because it’s a true acid etch, it will never wear off with normal use. Along the spine are two rulers - imperial on the port side, metric to starboard. And if you’re looking for a precise conversion between the two scales, there's a full conversion table under the metric ruler, from fraction inches to decimal inches to mm, in 1/64” steps.

If you’re in need of greater precision than the rulers offer, there is a diagonal scale on either side, for setting dividers to precise distances down to 0.01” or 0.1 mm. Find the intersection of the lines corresponding to the tenths and hundredths place, set one leg of the divider there, then extend the other leg down the line to the single digit you’re looking for. No calculation necessary, just one-and-done accuracy.

Featuring a handle square you can actually trust! Precision-trued by hand here in the shop, the spine of every Hardware Store Saw is diamond-lapped until it hits 90 deg. dead-on. Hold the blade flat on your lumber, register the front face of the handle against the lumber edge, and scribe along the spine. You can also mark other angles with the sighting holes located at 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 75°. We’ve even included angle markers for your dovetail layout, with the option of either a 6:1 or 8:1 ratio.

The BT&C Hardware Store Saws are finished in-house at our Brooklyn machine shop, and delivered sharp & ready to saw. The saws are packaged in a presentation-style box, replete with our signature retro instructional graphics and worthy of gifting as-is.

Made entirely in the USA.
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Cynthia Apodaca
By: Retired wood worker (Jan, 2022)
Was given to me as gift. I cut down small dogwood tree in no time. Love it.
I own this product.
High Quality
By: Barrett (Jun, 2019)
For context, the only two hand saws I've used previously are Vintage Stanley saws that probably haven't been sharpened in 30 years and an unmarked saw that I found on the ground, probably fallen out of someone's truck, that's so rusted (despite my best restoration efforts) it's a miracle it worked at all. I understood that a newly sharpened saw could cut faster and easier, but I didn't expect it to be as fast and as easy as it actually was. Recently, I've been making cedar coat hangers. Previously, the sawing alone would take almost an hour, even with assistance from a circular saw. Today I used only this saw and some sandpaper. I had the whole body of the hanger (not the hook, I'm waiting for some brass wire) done in under an hour. Using this saw gives me greater appreciation for that Abraham Lincoln quote: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, I'll spend four hours sharpening my axe". I'll be sure to keep it nice and sharp.
I own this product.
I love this saw
By: Tim Szostek (Jan, 2019)
I have had this saw for four years and it's my primary go-to wood saw. It rocks.
I own this product.
excellent saw
By: Dan (Sep, 2018)
Received this about a month ago and have been using it constantly since. As advertised, it rips and crosscuts beautifully; since buying it I haven't done any rough work with another saw, and have used it for some fine work where other saws would probably have been more appropriate, just because it's such a pleasure to use. The square works great. I haven't had occasion to use the sighting holes, but they're clever and intuitive and I'm sure I will in the future. Some of the other stuff they've etched into the blade doesn't strike me as terribly useful--I could measure with the blade, but it's a lot easier to use the tape measure I store in the same rack, for instance, and I've got to imagine there's a better way to set dividers. But I'm not complaining that it's got more features than it needs. At the end of the day, it's an excellent saw, and it does some other things cleverly, too.
I own this product.
Great, Light, Go-to Handsaw
By: David (Apr, 2018)
I bought this saw to pair down my handsaw collection in my toolbox to a dovetail and sash back-saws for joinery, and the BT&C Hardware saw for all else. No more rip and crosscut panel saws, just this little guy. And I couldn't be happier. Every time I pick it up I think how light, fast, and comfortable it is to use. Plus it's super sharp, and able to be resharpened so I'll probably never buy another hand saw. I look forward to using this saw for the next 40+ years in my woodworking life.
I own this product.
Holy Cow, I love this saw
By: Formidable (Dec, 2017)
This saw sits in the cradle over my workbench along with my joinery saws. It's my go-to for knocking down stock and cutting to rough length at the bench. And on the horses in the driveway. And cutting joinery for outdoor projects. And marking dovetails for timber framing. And measuring and marking just about anything on my sawhorses. And knocking down lumber too long to fit in (or on) my car. (I don't mind. I'd rather have another one of these saws than a new truck!) Holy cow, I love this saw!
I own this product.
By: Devin (Jun, 2016)
Have had this saw a while now and it is amazing. Use it all the time when breaking down lumber, whether at that lumber yard or at home. Works great in any wood, though not quite as fast in pine. And with all the extras, I hardly have to have any other tools with me other than a pencil.
I own this product.
By: Patrik (Oct, 2015)
Excellent saw!! How can I buy one?

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