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Hand-Cut Riffler Rasps by Auriou Type 5 - Rat tail / Oval

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Hand-Cut Riffler Rasps by Auriou Type 5 -  Rat tail / OvalHand-Cut Riffler Rasps by Auriou Type 5 -  Rat tail / Ovalcancelleft arrowright arrow
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5 7/8" long (150mm) - grain 14 ($79.45) Not available
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 7" long (175mm) - grain 13 ($78.45) In Stock
 10" long (250mm) - grain 10 ($107.95) In Stock
The range of rifflers is composed of four different lengths ranging from 6" (150mm) to 10" (250mm). The larger sizes are for finely working larger pieces, whereas the smaller sizes are for smaller pieces. The grain of the riffler is proportional to its length.

This style of riffler is the most popular style of riffler rasp made.

The length of blade is proportional to the length of the entire riffler. The shortest size, which is 6" long has only about a 3/4" worth of blade at each end. The 10" (250mm) long rifflers have about 3" of blade at each end. Riffler rasps are meant for controlled shaping, so they aren�t nearly as long as full sized rasps, which are used when you need to remove a lot of material in a hurry.

Unlike other riffler rasps we have seen these rifflers are truly a work of art. The curved shapes are gently curved, not crudely bent in the middle. The teeth, no matter what the grain, are totally evenly cut, so that they work smoothly, and are cut to the edges of the blade so that you can work corners. The middle section is polished smooth and of an octagonal shape so that you can comfortably orient it in your hand.

For more information of grain (the degree of fineness or coarseness) other terminology, and how to use and care for your rasps click here.
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