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  • Hand Cut Riffler Rasps by Auriou

    Riffler rasps are by definition rasps with blades at both ends. They are basically finishing tools designed for removing small amounts of material in a localized area. The blades at each end vary in style and are designed to complement each other. It is far faster to flip a tool around than it is to pick up another tool. Consequently, over the years, the styles of the rifflers have evolved into the most efficient pairs.
    Unlike other riffler rasps we have seen, these Auriou rifflers are truly a work of art. The shapes are gently curved, not crudely bent in the middle. The teeth, no matter what the grain, are totally evenly cut, so that they work smoothly, and are cut to the edges of the blade so that you can work corners. The middle section is polished smooth and of an octagonal shape so that you can comfortably orient it in your hand.