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Rustic Carpentry: Woodworking with Natural Timber

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  Carpentry, Architectural Woodworking & Construction
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Essential Woodworking Tools and Techniques
by Paul N. Hasluck

This handsome, hardback edition of Paul Hasluck’s classic Rustic Carpentry offers a combination of practical instruction, historical insights, and project ideas, making it an enjoyable read for woodworkers interested in rustic carpentry and traditional woodworking techniques.

The book provides valuable insights into age-old methods of joinery, timber framing, and other crafts - and emphasizes the importance of preserving these skills. By delving into the techniques and designs used in rustic carpentry, woodworkers can contribute to the continuity of traditional woodworking knowledge. The book encourages a connection with woodworking history and the appreciation of the artistry involved in creating rustic structures and furniture.

Whether you're interested in building a charming wooden gazebo or a rustic-style dining table, Rustic Carpentry offers numerous project ideas that can spark creativity. It showcases a wide range of rustic projects, including garden structures, arbors, fences, gates, furniture and more. It serves as a source of inspiration for woodworkers looking to create rustic-themed pieces, along with practical guidance and step-by-step Instructions.

Includes detailed diagrams, illustrations, and explanations to help woodworkers understand the construction process. The book also covers essential topics like selecting suitable timber, making joints, shaping and finishing wood, choosing tools and equipment.

This special edition includes 194 colorized illustrations and an introduction by master craftsman Ralph Kylloe. Hardcover with a dust cover.

Pages: 160
Binding: HC
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

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