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Slöjd In Wood

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AQ-1201 slojd slojd in wood Jogge Sundqvis
by Jögge Sundqvist

What is Slojd? According to Jogge Sundqvist, Slöjd, or as it is known in English, Sloyd is “part of the self-sufficient household, how people survived before industrialization.

"Slöjd is the work methods that farmers used when they made tools for house building, farming and fishing, and objects for their household needs. For thousands of years, the knowledge of the material has deepened, and the use of the tools has evolved along with the understanding of how function, composition and form combine to make objects strong and useful.”

As to “Why Slojd?” he gives “Six Good Reasons,” including, “Creates lasting, functional and deeply personal objects,” “It’s a sustainable use of resources,” and “Gives you a strong back with little expense.”

Sloyd in Wood distills Jogge Sundquist’s worldview, offering a detailed guide to carving spoons (for which is justly acclaimed) but more than that, a way of looking at the natural world to see the potential for art and fulfillment within it. Sloyd emphasizes the deep connection between people, hand tools and the act of creation.

The book offers detailed instruction on the materials, hand tools and woodworking techniques needed to make a variety of useful and beautiful objects - bowls, sheathes, spoons, cutting boards, stools, clothing hooks and more - from green wood. But it will also unlock a way of life that is more responsive to basic human needs for function and beauty.

Hardcover. 120 pages.Translated from the original Swedish. Profusely illustrated and filled with luscious full-color photographs.

Pages: 116
Binding: HC
Publisher: Lost Art Press

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