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Milwaukee Quick Release Bench Vises - Made in USA

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Milwaukee Quick Release Bench Vises - Made in USA
Milwaukee Quick Release Bench Vises - Made in USA
Milwaukee Quick Release Bench Vises - Made in USA
Milwaukee Quick Release Bench Vises - Made in USA
Milwaukee Quick Release Bench Vises - Made in USA
Milwaukee Quick Release Bench Vises - Made in USA - A hardware kit is included along with the vise.
Milwaukee Quick Release Bench Vises - Made in USA

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 Small - 7" wide jaw. ($240.00) In Stock
 Large - 10" wide jaw. ($279.00) Sold Out
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We have been using a made in USA Milwaukee vise in our showroom for years. It's built like a tank, and the simple quick release mechanism has held up like a champ even with the abuse it gets in a constant demo situation. The castings are well machined, the rods are robust, and it's great to support a family owned American company that really knows what it's doing. What you will discover when using these vises is that they feel good with no slop, and the machining is clean and careful. The jaws of course have a slight cant so that when you tighten them up they clamp firmly. To tighten the vise just push it closed against your workpiece and then give the wooden handle a turn. To loosen just turn the handle the other way and when the vise lets go, slide the jaw open.

Both sizes include a retractable bench dog which is a great way of extending the capacity of the vise for clamping longer boards flat on your bench against a stop installed in the benchtop. The slot the dog rides in is vented at the bottom, so it won't fill with saw dust, dirt and prevent the dog from fully retracting.

We supply the vise with all the hardware needed to install the vise in a typical configuration, attach a riser block if your bench top is less than 2 1/4" thick, and affix a pair of jaw liners. The vise is attached to the bench using a couple of lag bolts from underneath and a few wood screws from the rear jaw into the bench. Oh, and we also include an extra couple cotter pins so you don't have to save the bent one you pull out to install the vise.

Instructions for a typical installation are included. We stock two sizes of quick release vise. The 7" which is nice, and the 10" which is more popular for larger workbenches.

Hardware kit includes:
(2) Zinc-plated Steel Machine Screws, Pan Head, Slotted, 1/4"-20 Thread, 3/4" Length
(4) Zinc-plated Steel Screws, Flat head, Phillips, No 10 Size, 5/8" Length
(2) Zinc-plated Steel Lag Bolts, 3/8" Diameter, 2-1/2" Length
(4) Zinc-plated Steel Washers, 15/16" ID, ⅞" OD, .010" Thick
(2) Zinc-plated Steel Screws, Round Head, Slotted, No 8 Size, 1" Length
(2) Zinc-plated Steel Screws, Flat Head, Phillips, No 12 Size, 1-1/2" Length
(1) Zinc-plated Steel Cotter Pin, 3/16" Diameter, 1-3/4" Length

Note: The vise is made in its entirety in Milwaukee USA. The hardware kit is not.
 Small 7"Large 10"
Jaw width7"10"
Max Jaw Opening9"12"
Max extension under bench13 7/8"17 3/8"
Back casting height 2 1/4"
Max dog height 7/8"
Max Clamping Depth 4 1/8"
Wooden handle length 12 3/4"
Customer Reviews:
By: Fred Guendel (Nov, 2019)
I bought this vise to replace a leg vise on my Roubo-style bench. It is a great, American-made tool. Nothing fancy, just a proven design and lots of steel. It is good to know that, "they do still make 'em this way." It will give me many years of service. I took off a star, because--without any pre-order disclosure--Tools for Working Wood sent this FedEx with a signature required, forcing me to jump through hoops to have someone at home to sign for it. I try to buy from them, since they are my "local" on-line stores, but if this is how they ship things like a "vise," then I will find another dealer that is customer friendly. Its 2019, and we have lots of alternatives.
I own this product.
I have four and am ordering more
By: Joseph McLean (Sep, 2016)
I have four of these in my classroom and three of them worked perfectly from the start. One of them seemed inoperable initially, but i realized there was just not enough friction on the screw mechanism to shift the 'nut' to the side which is required for the screw mechanism to tighten. I solved the problem with a couple drops of vegetable oil. The vegetable oil became gummy in a day or so and provided the smallest bit of friction for the 'nut' mechanism on the screw. Now it works like a charm. The one true failing of this vice is the end cap. Don't even bother installing it because it will eventually break off. I simply drilled for a 3/8" dowel across the handle wood close to the end and pinned it in place with a screw from the end.
I own this product.
High Quality
By: Nate (Sep, 2015)
This is a solid high quality vise, excellent machining and tight tolerances. Installation was very easy and the included instructions were helpful. Once installed, the movement is very smooth both with the quick release nut engaged as well as disengaged. The only negative I have seen is that the quick release nut does not always engage, often requiring either the shock of the vise closing, or a second hand to push the nut into place while turning the screw. The nut disengages flawlessly. Overall a great vise and it may just be my own inexperience that prevents it from working perfectly.
I own this product.
Excellent Vise
By: Jeff (Nov, 2013)
Love this vise. I have a 50-60 year old version. The quick release mechanism is probably different, but the vise is a workhorse. You won't go wrong with a Morgan.. I have 2 others that are not quick release.. all are great vises. Heavy duty.
I own this product.
Nice Vise
By: Mark Penacho (Mar, 2013)
Have the 10 inch version. Very nice vise. Moves smoothly, the jaws align and the quick release mechanism is very nice. Comparing this to the Jorgenson, the fit and finish is a little nicer, the quick release mechanism is a little nicer, the castings are a little thinner than the Jorgenson, but they are also a little cleaner.
I own this product.

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