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Where is My Knife?

07/26/2007 I'm not kidding - where is it? will it turn up in the move?

From the time I was 12 until I was about 18, I had a really nice Boy Scout knife. I am pretty sure I lost it on the subway. Then I bought myself a nice Where is My Knife? 4 Buck that was useful for bigger stuff but to bulky to carry around. Then in my early 20's - 23 to be exact - I bought a Swiss Army knife. I got it because it had a Phillips head on it. I was living in Maryland at the time, working for Black & Decker and everyone there had one too. I used it all the time. I carried the knife for year because I open boxes all the time, and a knife is handy, as is the Phillips head. But two years ago I was given a nice small "office knife" with had a bone handle, and said "Office Knife" in big letters on its side. I really liked it - not too bulky to carry around all the time (except at airports). And then about 3 months ago I realized I could not find it.

Did I lose it?
Is it hiding somewhere?
Did it accidentally get thrown out?

I have no idea. I am hoping that it will turn up when we move.

As I wait for it to turn up I am carrying a abalone handled knife as a substitute. The blades are nice and I like the shape, but it's too gaudy for my taste. So If my knife doesn't turn up I will have figure out something to do.
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