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08/02/2007 We are moved in!

It's done, we are set up and rolling in glorious Brooklyn, New York. On Tuesday the truck came and we took the last of the furniture to the new place. While we were waiting for the truck to arrive at the new place, a bunch of the guys and I had lunch at a place across from the subway - a Mexican restaurant, one of a bunch in the area - and we were much impressed: cheap and really good. The Cuban Sandwiches Postscript 4are made from fresh pork, not processed, and the rice and beans were excellent, as was the roast chicken. So that's all good news (an army travels on its stomach).

The problem with the computer was that we fried a router - a mad dash to downtown Brooklyn on Monday for a replacement fixed that.

My knife did not show up. :(

We are back in business and processing orders starting today.

Thanks for your patience and your good wishes!

I still need a desk. I'm working on a Festool Multi-Table. And almost everything we put down in the space so far seems to need being moved to somewhere else.

One of my colleagues bumped into one of our good customers on the street in front of our building - a customer who was worried about how he would get to the new location (before we knew exactly where it was going to be). It was, I am told, a Stanley and Livingston reunion which each party wanting to know what the other was doing here.

Turns out the customer's shop is one floor down from us. I stopped in to say hello late in the afternoon and they gave me beer. It was a good day!
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Hurry man- hurry! I can't wait to see your new space. Ill be over as soon as you finish the showroom.
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