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We're going to Kentucky, we're going to the fair...


We're going to Kentucky, we're going to the fair... 4To see Woodworking In America and everyone who's there.

November 14-16 we are doing our first show in years, and we hope to see some of you there. As a vendor, we will have a small booth with stuff to play with and demo - mostly Gramercy Tool items but we will also have the mortise chisels, sharpening stones and other stuff that we hope you will like to try out. We will take orders, of course.
We also expect to have a few new (and hopefully exciting) products too.

The show is mostly a 3 day school of woodworking with the vendor stuff just on the periphery, so there will be a lot of classes to go to and interesting people to meet. I am looking forward to meeting all of you. One of my earliest inspirations, Roy Underhill, will be there too and that's very exciting! The list of teachers includes not just some of the best known woodworking instructors in the country, but also classes taught by some of the more interesting toolmakers working today. I'm hoping they will let the odd toolmaker and vendor stand in the back and listen in to some of the classes.
I'm participating in two classes - a class with Mike Wenzloff on saw design which for those of you interested in theory of how saws work and why they are designed the way they might find interesting. And another class with Ron Hockon sharpening technology.
As of today the conference is sold out but there is always next year. I think there is always value in getting together with people of similar interest and seeing what's about.
Hope to see you there!

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08/08/2008 Peter Evans
Joel, I hope the workshop sessions will be videoed for those us us who find the trip there a little long.

Peter in Sydney
08/15/2008 Chuck Nickerson
For the gearheads among us, there's no such thing as a small vendor show.

Also, 'Hand saw theory and design'? I sure don't remember seeing that on the schedule. What a great idea.

I look forward to checking out the Iles mortise chisels. Since I have Shapton stones, getting the Iles MCs means getting more stones.
08/17/2008 Shannon Rogers
I am also in the Hand saw design class. I'll look for you then. Should be a great show not only during class time but in the evenings as well in the local pubs! Can't wait to meet a lot of people from the blogosphere.
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