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The Work Magazine Reprint Project One Year Anniversary and Index


The Work Magazine Reprint Project One Year Anniversary and Index 4Time flies when you are having fun! Come Friday it's been a whole year since we started reprinting Work Magazine. Wow! In the past year I have learned about early photography, how to make a burglar alarm, I read useful series on lettering, and oodles of other stuff. The Nurse adjuster which was a real mystery to me even rates a page in their column "Our Guide to Good Things". The furniture projects are different from what you will find in a modern magazine. The plans are a bare sketch and there is an assumption that you can figure out the details. I've started building my version of the desk in issue 10.

The magazine comes out every Friday and my basic procedure is to skim the table of contents sometime on Friday and then actually download and read the issue over the weekend. The most important thing I have learned about Victorian writing in the past year is that, sadly, not every writer was a Dickens. But many were as equally long winded.

At the six month mark Tim included a link to the index for the whole year. You can take a look here.

We have volumes one through four or five (I don't remember) in our collection. I have not been able to locate any more bound editions. If you know someone who has them please let us know.

If you haven't taken a gander to any of the issues click the blog menu item or click here for the Work blog, and then select some issues at random. Dip in, give it a skim and see if anything catches your eye. It does take some time to get used to the dense Victorian prose. Every few articles they have something of interest to woodworkers, every issue has tip and new products that are most definitely of interest to woodworkers. There's always a gem of one sort of another in each issue. The trick is finding it. Who knows, you might decide you want to know "How To Make a Piano" (starting in issue 29).

Our general search engine also indexes all the issues to the limits of the OCR engine so you can search for topics of interest.

BTW this is excellent airplane reading on an ereader.

Note: The folding workbench is the lead article in issue 28.
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03/12/2013 Brander Roullett
Will there be an actual reprint of the collected volumes happening?
The scanned pages - before they are turned into a downloadable Acrobat file are of print quality. If we see a demand for a printed series, and can find the labor to assemble the PDFs into a book, then we can do a print on demand book. But for now we are just getting the issues out, and laying the groundwork for the future.
03/12/2013 Bill Heidt
Thanks for this Joel, it is a real enjoyable series.
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