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Patterns 6

I take an insane number of photos for this blog. Each published entry is culled from 200-500 photos. The idea is that through editorial adeptitude I can over-power my photographic ineptitude. Occasionally this works, and sometimes there are even some nice pictures I didn't have room for in the entry. I've been holding back these photos awhile now. Saving them up. Aging them like a fine booze. Well, it's time to pop the cork and let'er rip because this weekend I'm at Woodworking in America which ironically means I've been in a hotel swimming in the pool hanging out with my woodworking heroes, and not woodworking.

Expect a full WIA report soon. But until then, enjoy these photos of patterns...

Cheers, and props from Cin Sitty.

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10/03/2011 Lloyd Parker
Hey Ben,
I have been a fan of your blog since you started it. It was great to finally meet you a WIA. Urban woodworking seems so far away from my Appalachian cabin that I find it facinating. I understand what you mean about taking lots of photos but only being satisfied with a few. The hammers in your photos look cool, but not near as cool as the hammers look in real life. Come see us in the mountains sometime.
10/03/2011 Tom Buhl
great to meet you at WIA this past weekend. Keep up the good work.
10/04/2011 Steve
Some of your photos reminded me of this:
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