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POPULAR WOODWORKING's 2007 Best New Tools 3
The woodworking industry doesn't have a yearly awards dinner with fancy food, black tie and expensive gowns. Or if they do, I'm not invited. And I don't own a evening clothes anyway. Instead, every year Popular Woodworking Magazine does an article highlighting the "Best New Tools" of the year. We are really honored to be POPULAR WOODWORKING's 2007 Best New Tools 4 selected this year for our new dovetail saw. It's really something. This is a project we have been working on for a couple of years, and earlier this year, when we started showing magazine and customers the saw for the first time, we had butterflies in our collective stomaches. See, we designed a saw that we thought had all the features that a great dovetail should have, but it's really up to you, the saw users, to decide if we spent our time in a worthwhile way. So that's why we are so thrilled to get this award. And by we, I mean we. Toolmaking at Tools for Working Wood is a collective effort, so I want to thank everyone on the team. I also want to thank some of the subcontractors who worked with us ironing our production issues and getting the saw out the door. It's great to be working with people who are excited about their work.

Thanks also goes to everyone at Popular Woodworking for writing about our work and especially supporting hand tools.

We are also really excited that this award includes so many other companies that we hold in such high regard for their innovation and new tools.
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Thanks again,
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11/12/2007 Michael Rogen
I couldn't have been happier for you and your company for this award. I'd like to add one more person who is also extremely happy about the accolades that your new saw is getting, at that person is me.
I should include all those who have bought and will make the purchase of this outstanding saw. One of the things that I like best about it is its weight, or lack of weight. I received the saw right before I was to attend a 2 day dovetailing workshop followed by a 6 day workshop on building a handcut dovetailed blanket chesst at Kelly Mehler's school. I suffer from ALS which effects my fingers and hands and their ability to hold anything that has any weight to it at all. So I was greatly concerned about being able to hold a saw for any length of time especially for the time it would take me to cut over 60 of them! I brought my other dovetail saw with me but after the initial trial with your saw at the 1st workshop, I put away my other saw and never used any other dovetail saw except yours. Sure my hand got tired, whose wouldn't but I was not only able to complete them all, considering I'm a novice at dovetailing, they came out way above my expectations.
So I say congratulations Joel and congratulations to all those who make a smart choice in purchasing this saw.

Thank you,
02/04/2008 htqa wzopan
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