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WIA I Need To Borrow A Bench


WIA I Need To Borrow A Bench 4As in the past 2 years Tools For Working Wood / Gramercy Tools will be at Woodworking in American on September 30th - Oct 2 2010. However previously we drove from New York laden with my four and a half foot folding workbench. This year we are flying in and we can't bring that bench. Unfortunately the bench is just a little too long to fit on a four foot pallet.

So I need a favor!!! Is anyone local to Cincinnati in a position to loan us a bench for a couple of days during the show? Our needs are simple: Shorter is better. Anything longer than six or seven feet will be hard to transport and be a little big in the booth. We need one face vice to allow testing of saws for mortising and maybe dovetailing.
It needs a couple of 3/4" hole for holdfasts (we are happy to supply the holdfasts if you don't have any).

Please drop me an email if you can help, it will be extremely appreciated.


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08/29/2010 Darrell
Alas, I'm new to woodworking and don't have a proper bench yet.

However I do belong to a great group of woodworkers known as the Cincinnati Woodworking Club. If you have not yet found someone to loan you a bench I can send an email to the club members. I'm sure someone would have a bench that they would be happy to loan.

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