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09/05/2007 Hardware Store Alphabet Wall Cards

When I first saw this deck of hardware store alphabet wall cards at a museum store, Look at This! Look at That! 4I felt compelled to buy it for my kid. He's two and a half, and ABC decks form a large part of his life. When he was a baby we would get him tool related toys mostly because I like tools, but also because I have a sneaking suspicion that, now that shop classes have mostly disappeared, and most products are throw-aways, unless my wife and I work hard he will end up with no ability to make or fix things when he grows up. I think this would be a real shame.
Anyway, after we hung up all 26 wall cards around his room, Julian came back in and looked around very excitedly. He ran around pointing up at the tools. He recognized many of them from other toys. He shouted out, "Dill!" "Hammah!" "Scoodiver!" He kept on pointing and saying, "Look at this!" "Look at that!" It made all our efforts to hang the cards in a fairly straight line worthwhile. Naturally, with such an enthusiastic reaction, I had to start stocking them for sale too. (update - no longer available)
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