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Whiteside Plus Dimar General Purpose Table Saw Blades

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Whiteside Router Bits
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  Whiteside Router Bits
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 10" General Purpose Blade ($77.24) In Stock
These General Purpose Saw Blades are a great choice for cabinet shops as they perform well in a range of wood materials - hardwoods, softwood, plywood and chipboard. Whiteside, the maker of the best router bits available, has partnered with Dimar, an experienced blade making company, to produce these blades.

The blades can be used for ripping, crosscutting, trimming, and sizing. The moderate hook angle provides a good balance between feed and surface quality along with extended blade life. The tooth geometry is Alternate Top Bevel (ATB), which means every other tooth is beveled on the top in the opposite direction of the adjacent teeth (also known as alternating between a right- and left-hand bevel). This gives a nice smooth cut in woods and veneered plywood with little or no tear-out and easy chip removal.

Diameter: 10"
Tooth Count: 40
Bore: 5/8"
Kerf: 0.126"
Hook Angle: 15 degrees
Tooth Geometry: ATB
Material: Wide range of wood products
Maximum RPM: 7600
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