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Quick Change Chucks by Make it Snappy - Made in USA

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Quick Change Chucks by Make it Snappy - Made in USAQuick Change Chucks by Make it Snappy - Made in USAcancelleft arrowright arrow
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Snappy Industrial Quick Change Chuck(#40011)Snappy Industrial Quick Change Chuck(#40011)cancel Snappy Industrial Quick Change Chuck(#40011) ($14.99) In Stock
Mini Chuck(#40012)Mini Chuck(#40012)cancel Mini Chuck(#40012) ($9.17) In Stock
Quick Change Chuck with 3/8-24 Thread(#41102)Quick Change Chuck with 3/8-24 Thread(#41102)cancel Quick Change Chuck with 3/8-24 Thread(#41102) ($17.33) In Stock
4" Extension Quick Change Chuck(#40014)4" Extension Quick Change Chuck(#40014)cancel 4" Extension Quick Change Chuck(#40014) ($10.19) In Stock
The cornerstone of the MiS system. With the Quick Change Chucks you click in any 1/4" power drive bit, and change the bit by pulling back on the knurled collar to pop out the bit, all with one hand. Impact drivers now use the same technology, but the Quick Change Chucks allow you the capacity with any chuck drill.

The Mini Chuck is a slightly slimmer version for working in tighter spaces, with extension options, there is a Centrotec-compatible option, and a ⅜” bit option. The Quick Change Chuck is the opening to the rabbit hole of MiS possibilities.

Made in the USA.

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