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Osmo Roller & Brush Set

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OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
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 Osmo Roller and Brush Set ($43.99) In Stock
This is a very convenient kit designed for applying Osmo finishes. Of course there are many ways to apply Osmo, but traditionalists love the brush and roller, and indeed they give you a nice, even distribution of the finishing oil and great surface coverage. The brush and roller combo is particularly well-suited for corners and edges,

Both the brush and roller are specifically optimized to get the product into the wood pores, enabling you to apply Osmo thinly, thoroughly and evenly with the wood grain. Just remember to not overload them with material. The set includes a 60 mm natural bristle flat brush, a 100 mm (10 cm) microfiber roller, a 60 mm natural bristle flat brush and a ridged roller tray with a disposable clear plastic insert that makes cleanup a breeze. You can cover each component with plastic wrap or a sealed plastic bag between the first and second Osmo coats.

Ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. The roller can be attached to the Telescopic Handle (sold separately). Note the size of the brush and roller - 2.4” and 3.9” respectively. A set for flooring with a 250 mm (25 cm) roller is sold separately. Made in Germany.

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