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Norton Bear-Tex Nylon Hand Pads

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 6" x 9" White - non-abrasive. Pack of 5 ($9.99) In Stock
 6" x 9" Gray - ultra fine. Pack of 5 ($9.99) In Stock
 6" x 9" Maroon - fine. Pack of 5 ($9.99) In Stock
 6" x 9" Dark Tan - Heavy Duty. Pack of 5 ($15.99) In Stock
NO-BTPAD.XX beartex bear tex bear-tex scotchbrite scotch-brite scotch brite
Bear-Tex surface finishing pads are made of non-woven nylon impregnated with resin and abrasives. The pads are flexible and get into tight corners and other hard-to-reach areas.

We use them every day in the shop and love them for their versatility and longevity. They are non-abrasive and can be used effectively with all kinds of finishes without rusting, shedding or splintering.

We sell four grades of pads to meet our woodworking and metalworking needs, listed in ascending order of coarseness:

White non-abrasive, equivalent to 0000 steel wool, are good for applying finishes.

Gray Final Shine is the finest abrasive grit, equivalent to a 000 steel wool.

Maroon is a general purpose pad for scrubbing and scuffing.

Dark Tan Heavy Duty is the coarsest grit, suitable for the most aggressive hand-abrasive applications.

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