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Ray Iles Chair Maker's Travisher (chair seat shave)

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Ray Iles Chair Maker’s Travisher (chair seat shave)Ray Iles Chair Maker’s Travisher (chair seat shave)cancelleft arrowright arrow
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The travisher is a traditional tool, used for the shaping of Windsor chair seats. In common with many woodworking tools, it has emerged for a specific use and the design has been cultivated through generations of use. It is a tool that is very specific to the job it does - and it does that job very well on green or slightly damp wood and should be used across the grain.

For this reason, the shape and design of the Ray Iles travisher was developed in conjunction with one of Britain’s leading Windsor chair makers with more than thirty years experience, Peter Tree. The handles are offset for clearance on the work, but not so high as to be awkward.

The travisher is manufactured from hand-selected, air-dried beech, that is treated with linseed oil. To minimize wear on the mouth of the plane, it has also been treated with a hardener. The shavings come out of the back of the travisher, as with a traditional spokeshave, which means it is self-emptying to prevent blockages.

The 2" blade is made from top-quality 01 high carbon tool steel and comes honed and ready for immediate use. There is a small amount of adjustment in the blade, allowing you to take finer or larger cuts. The blade is easily removed for sharpening by means of two thumb screws.

This is a beautifully made tool, and indispensable for the tool box of the chairmaker who crafts by hand. Made in England.
Customer Reviews:
Iffy travisher
By: John McCormack (Nov, 2023)
Infound this tool to be less than useful. Mine has two problems: First, the shavings clearance chute is minimal and clogs rapidly. Second, the boss that supports the iron left and right of the shavings chute is short grain. Mine came with a offset glued in repair where the short grain had broken and had been (superglued?) back in.
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