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Post Overalls DEE's Parka

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Post Overalls DEE's Parka is a light weight hooded coat for cool evenings. The Poly-Cotton fabric is cool against the skin and comfortable over a short sleeve T-shirt. The double front pockets can hold more than you should carry in them, and the robust metal zipper, is again, a little bit of overkill. In fact, we don't have a logical explanation for most of the features on this parka - but that hasn't kept the entire Gramercy workshop crew from wanting this overcoat.

Just to be sure - this isn't a rain jacket; not if you plan on staying dry, but it is a nice way to keep back the evening chill while out on the town. And if things heat up, the whole jacket packs down to a reasonable size.

The photography shows Brendan wearing an XL.

Post Overalls Dee's Parka is Made in the USA.

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