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Japanese Laminated Steel Square Hammers

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 20oz (570gm) ($45.95) In Stock
As you can see in the descriptions of the many hooped Japanese bench chisels listed above, hooped chisels are designed to be hit with a steel hammer. We sell 4 different weights of hammer. All the hammers are flat on one side and slightly crowned or rounded on the other. The rounded side is used for nailing, and either side can be used for malleting chisels. The 13oz (375 gm) hammer is our most popular size and is what I use for general work. The lighter 8oz (225 gm) hammer is a better choice for light, smaller work. The larger sizes are appropriate for large work, framing, and for really hard woods. Personally, I find both larger sizes too heavy and fatiguing. I suppose that's because I'm used to doing casework, and the control of the 13oz hammer is a good compromise between power and control.
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Amazing deal
By: Joshua raia (Jul, 2018)
A very high quality hammer, especially for the price. You can't go wrong with one of these 225g gennos
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Love it, but...
By: Jesse Decker (Mar, 2017)
I purchased the 450g hammer about six years ago from TFWW. I had the same wedge issue as Jordan N. Rempel which was easy enough to remedy. My only gripe is that if you look closely at the picture you'll notice that the 450g hammer is not shaped like the others. I was disappointed at first as I was looking forward to the subtle curve of the other sizes. Of course this doesn't affect performance but it's something to note. This is a great price point for a great hammer.
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My new favourite thing
By: Jordan N Rempel (Jan, 2017)
Received this hammer two weeks ago and am very pleased with it. I purchased the 16 Oz. Hammer for every day use as a finish carpenter. I love it. Well weighted, compact, and the finish of this hammer adds a feeling of high craftsmanship to everything I do. The only part that bothered me was that the metal wedge included did not hold the head sturdy at all. I removed the metal wedge and used hard maple to cross wedge the head in place. It can still come loose a tiny bit from its place but very little, and being the middle of winter the wood is probably as dry as it will ever be, I expect it to stay tight over the summer months. Beautiful hammer, strong steel and we'll made.
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