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Iyoroi Oire-Nomi Bench Chisels

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  Japanese Chisels
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Set of 12 ($419.95) Not available
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48mm Chisel ($52.95) Not available
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Back after a long hiatus! These sets of gorgeous top quality chisels hold an edge like nobody's business.

The tools are all made of laminated white steel hardened to a rc64 with red oak handles. The sets come in a cardboard box for storage.

The 12 piece set contains all the sizes in the 6 piece set with the following additions: 1.5mm , 3mm, 15mm, 21mm, 36mm, and 42mm.

We also carry the 48mm size as a separate item for those of you wanting the entire range of sizes.

We hope to expand the re-offering soon as supplies allow and especially hope to get the set of 6 again. (The 6 piece set includes the following sizes: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm and 30mm.)

Made in Japan.

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By: Doug F. (Apr, 2014)
I received the set of 12 as a gift and am very pleased with them. Before that I'd never used Japanese chisels, only various US and British makes. After a few months of use I am very impressed. The first reviewer was not exaggerating when he said these things can hold an edge. I had to use them on some ebony for a humidor project and they didn't even flinch. No chipping at the edge even when working endgrain. I sharpen mine to roughly 30 degrees. Getting the hoops set and backs flattened on all twelve took a few hours. I also stripped the varnish off the handles and oiled them, they feel better that way. The tool roll is pretty good too. All in all I'm very happy with them.
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Great Edge Retention
By: Judge E. (Jul, 2013)
I own the 6 piece set. This was my first set of nice chisels as I ventured further into furniture building. They are great. They sharpen easily due to the lamination, but remain sharp forever (or nearly there). I have other sets of chisels at this point, but these are still my favorite. Great price point and great product. I wouldn't hesitate buying again.
I own this product.

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