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Iyoroi Oire-Nomi Bench Chisels

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 Set of 6 ($209.95) Sold Out
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 Set of 12 ($399.95) Sold Out
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 48mm Chisel ($49.95) Sold Out
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My initial attraction to this set was that the 12 piece assemblage includes a 1/16" (1.5mm) chisels. It's one of those sizes that you need once in a blue moon and it is really handy to have. I got into a phase a few years back where I was cutting twisted dovetails and other bizarro joints and the 1.5mm came in really handy. In addition, these sets are excellent values overall and possible the best deal there is for a top quality chisel set. The maker calls them "promotional quality" which simply means that they are priced very aggressively to compete. But there is no sacrifice in quality. The tools are all made of laminated white steel hardened to a rc64 with red oak handles. As a little extra, we asked the maker to use hand forged black iron hoops, which complement the handles very nicely and make the tools extra special. The chisels are all single scooped. Both sets come in a cardboard box for storage.
The 6 piece set includes the following sizes: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm and 30mm.
The 12 piece set contains all the sizes in the 6 piece set with the following additions: 1.5mm , 3mm, 15mm, 21mm, 36mm, and 42mm.
We also carry the 48mm size as a separate item for those of you wanting the entire range of sizes.
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Customer Reviews:
By: Doug F. (Apr, 2014)
I received the set of 12 as a gift and am very pleased with them. Before that I'd never used Japanese chisels, only various US and British makes. After a few months of use I am very impressed. The first reviewer was not exaggerating when he said these things can hold an edge. I had to use them on some ebony for a humidor project and they didn't even flinch. No chipping at the edge even when working endgrain. I sharpen mine to roughly 30 degrees. Getting the hoops set and backs flattened on all twelve took a few hours. I also stripped the varnish off the handles and oiled them, they feel better that way. The tool roll is pretty good too. All in all I'm very happy with them.
I own this product.
Great Edge Retention
By: Judge E. (Jul, 2013)
I own the 6 piece set. This was my first set of nice chisels as I ventured further into furniture building. They are great. They sharpen easily due to the lamination, but remain sharp forever (or nearly there). I have other sets of chisels at this point, but these are still my favorite. Great price point and great product. I wouldn't hesitate buying again.
I own this product.

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