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Parallel Guide System for Festool and Makita Track Saw Guide Rail (With Incra T-Track)

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Found in Departments: FESTOOL Guide Rails and Multifunction Tables
Parallel Guide System for Festool and Makita Track Saw Guide Rail (With Incra T-Track)Parallel Guide System for Festool and Makita Track Saw Guide Rail (With Incra T-Track)cancelleft arrowright arrow
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The Seneca Woodworking Parallel Guide System mounts to your track saw guide rail and acts as a rip fence/rip guide for your track saw, multiplying the speed at which panels can be cut to size with speed and precision. What a boon for projects like shelves!

It can be adjusted from one side, making it notably practical to use. We’re selling it because it is designed for Festool compatibility, but it is also compatible with Makita track saws. To make a cut, simply set both stops to the width of the piece you want to cut, locate your guide rail on top of your workpiece using the stops as a reference then make your cut.

The guide comes with two sets of stops: the Rail Stops, for ripping of material wider than the guide rail, and the Narrow Stops, which can be positioned under the guide rail all the way to the kerf, making it possible to accurately and repeatedly rip stock with very narrow dimensions. Two 24" lengths of Incra T-Track Plus allows a cut width of up to 31" and are accompanied by custom imperial scales cut to read accurately from the guide rail splinter guard/kerf.

The precision-machined system includes:
  • Two (2) Rail Brackets (for attaching Incra T-Track Plus to the Festool or Makita guide rail)
  • Two (2) Adjustable Rail Stops
  • Two (2) Interlocking Narrow Stops (adjustable from top of Incra T-Track)
  • Two (2) machined "slider mount" adapters for attaching the Narrow stops to the T-Track
  • Two (2) 24" Incra T-Track Plus, which allows cuts of up to 31" width

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