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Kangaroo Work Glove

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Geier Glove Company |  In Stock Made In USA
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Try and slide your hand into the cool Australian kangaroo leather of these gloves without cracking a smile. We can't. These gloves are the stuff movies are made of... except that they're real gloves, made in the USA, with a mind to straddling the line between work and play.

The smooth leather is supple, thin, and hard wearing. All attributes for which we can thank Packer Leather of Australia and those mighty marsupials. Packer has been tanning high performance Kangaroo leathers for over a century. They've helped to make kangaroo a top choice for top quality gloves.

Choose a pair to match your belt, your saddle, or the interior of your dream car. These gloves are the finest Geier makes, and can hold the pace - no matter how hard you ride, shoot, or drive.

Made in the USA from Australian Kangaroo leather.

Measuring your glove size:

Measure around the widest part of your palm excluding your for picture

For a REGULAR FIT add 1/2" to your measurement. This is your unlined glove size.

For a RELAXED FIT add 1" to your measurement.

For a PERFORMANCE FIT (snug fit) simply use the measurement in inches. Please note that a performance fit is intended to feel snug, and over time the high quality leather will form to your hand.

For LINED GLOVES add 1 to 1-1/2" to the measurement.

If you are left handed, measure your left hand, if you are right handed, measure your right hand.

Also please note - Geier makes performance oriented gloves from high quality leathers. They are designed to fit more snugly than many gloves, and will form to fit your hand over time. Dexterity will come as the leather molds itself to your hand - providing a personalized fit that you won't find in any where else.

Geier has been making gloves in Centralia, Washington since 1927. Their long history of attention to detail shines through in the superior fit and finish of their products.

Leather grading:

Geier uses several grades of leather, but none that would compromise the wear or durability of their gloves.

Tannery Run leather is perfect for work gloves. The best, and poorest hides are graded out leaving leather suitable for grain (hair) side cutting. Typically leather of this grade will exhibit some scarring or marking. Under no circumstances is the wearing quality of the glove affected.

Select leather is the clearest leather available. Wild animal hides such as deer or elk are never perfect, however imperfections are kept to minimum.

Reverse (Suede) leather will typically have numerous scars, marks and blemishes. For this reason, the leather is used flesh (suede) side out. Again, under no circumstances is the wearing quality, or durability of the glove compromised.


Geier gloves are made to last, and will become even more comfortable with age. Kept dry, the natural oils from your skin will keep them soft and comfortable. Air-dry wet gloves; although they may stiffen, they will soon soften back up with use.
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