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Bison Roper Work Glove

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Geier Glove Company |  In Stock Made In USA
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Bison Roper Work Glove - Go rope some bison!Bison Roper Work Glove - Go rope some bison!cancelleft arrowright arrow
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- Go rope some bison!

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The Bison Roper gloves by Geier are the toughest, longest wearing work gloves you’ll ever meet. They’ve got a reinforced palm, and are made from American Bison hides tanned for a supple feel, and a beautiful golden hue that belies their exceptional wearing qualities. The half sizes let you choose the right fit, and push these gloves over the top with an astounding range of motion, dexterity.

This is the perfect for clearing brush, yard work, or handling rough materials. Gonna put up some barb-wire fence? throw a pair in the truck. The gore on the cuff ensures your shirt sleeves naturally fall inside the glove keeping out thorns, shrubbery, and debris. The reinforcement in the palm adds extra padding, and wear protection right where it's needed when grabbing onto rope, chain, or just about anything smaller than a beer can.

Geier builds the Bison Roper gloves from tannery run leather sourced exclusively from ranch raised American bison. The texture and grain of bison leather has distinctive character, and adds to the tough, western look of the gloves.

When you hit the range looking to rope bison, you’ll thank yourself for wearing your American made Bison Ropers.

Made in the USA from ranch-raised American bison leather.

Measuring your glove size:

Measure around the widest part of your palm excluding your for picture

For a REGULAR FIT add 1/2" to your measurement. This is your unlined glove size.

For a RELAXED FIT add 1" to your measurement.

For a PERFORMANCE FIT (snug fit) simply use the measurement in inches. Please note that a performance fit is intended to feel snug, and over time the high quality leather will form to your hand.

For LINED GLOVES add 1 to 1-1/2" to the measurement.

If you are left handed, measure your left hand, if you are right handed, measure your right hand.

Also please note - Geier makes performance oriented gloves from high quality leathers. They are designed to fit more snugly than many gloves, and will form to fit your hand over time. Dexterity will come as the leather molds itself to your hand - providing a personalized fit that you won't find in any where else.

Geier has been making gloves in Centralia, Washington since 1927. Their long history of attention to detail shines through in the superior fit and finish of their products.

Leather grading:

Geier uses several grades of leather, but none that would compromise the wear or durability of their gloves.

Tannery Run leather is perfect for work gloves. The best, and poorest hides are graded out leaving leather suitable for grain (hair) side cutting. Typically leather of this grade will exhibit some scarring or marking. Under no circumstances is the wearing quality of the glove affected.

Select leather is the clearest leather available. Wild animal hides such as deer or elk are never perfect, however imperfections are kept to minimum.

Reverse (Suede) leather will typically have numerous scars, marks and blemishes. For this reason, the leather is used flesh (suede) side out. Again, under no circumstances is the wearing quality, or durability of the glove compromised.


Geier gloves are made to last, and will become even more comfortable with age. Kept dry, the natural oils from your skin will keep them soft and comfortable. Air-dry wet gloves; although they may stiffen, they will soon soften back up with use.
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Tools for Working Wood Strikes Again....
By: Gerardo Garcia (Aug, 2021)
First of all, shout out to your customer service people, your quick packing and shipping is impeccable. I placed my order Thursday night and received both pair of gloves today Wednesday. I had purchased a pair of Bison Roper Gloves about a month ago, not knowing if I would like them, and I gave a fantastic personal review of the gloves. I liked them so much that I went ahead and purchased another 2 pair just to have extras around. I really like the smell of Bison leather and of course how good the feel and fit on my hands. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you truly want a pair of gloves that goes to bat for you, with all the abuse you can give it, and still feel comfortable wearing these please purchase yourself a pair you'll understand what I am talking about.
I own this product.
The Gloves that that Every Man Dreams of....
By: Gerardo Garcia (Jul, 2021)
First of all, I have to give a big shout out to Tools for Working Wood for shipping the gloves really quick (5 stars on that). Now on to the review. My hands are small to begin with, so finding a pair like Bison Roper was a dream come true. The gloves fit very snug, which is my preferable case, is a good thing. I have always worn gloves and the ones that have fit my hands snug have always been the best. Just yesterday, I used my Ropers for at least 3 hours straight and never felt better doing the chores I was doing. The gloves feel very soft, but then again it's bison skin so that should be expected. What I did not expect the inner lining was just as soft and extremely comfortable, even when I was sweating like a dog the inside glove remained comfortable. I had to saw down a tree, about 4 inches in diameter, using a Silky saw blade and my hands felt very comfortable. Never did I feel the ache that one feels pushing and pulling a hand saw, in fact the extra padding on the hand made it feel very comfortable. After sawing the tree, I mowed my front lawn and again the padding on the gloves reduced the recoil that you feel when the lawn motor is running. The fingers on the glove were perfect for me, again snug but not tight at all. There was a moment that the lining between my pinky and the ring finger was putting a bit pressure on my pinky, but nothing that was uncomfortable. After this experience with the pair of gloves I want to purchase at least 3 more pairs, just to have as backup. Again, ladies and gentlemen, purchase these gloves if you plan to work outside and cut down trees or work around the house, you will not regret it.
I own this product.
Work gloves that can't be beat!!
By: Lowell Barnard (Dec, 2016)
Supple,soft, and extremely comfortable with unmatched workmanship. Durability yet to be determined, but I will be very surprised if they don't wear as well as they are made. Try a pair ... I don't think you'll be disappointed!
I own this product.
used and abused
By: James (Nov, 2014)
Seldom do you find in life a product which is as good if not better than described. When I first started to use these gloves they were stiff but obviously of a high quality. Every time I used them they became more supple and nicer to wear and more comfortable. They soon became my go to item of protection whether it be for heavy metal work or logging. They are not so much a nice pair of gloves as an armour plated second skin. These gloves get better the more you use them and are the strongest most resilient pair of gloves I have ever had the pleasure of using.
I own this product.

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