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Flexcut 7/16" No. 7 Sweep Mallet Gouge MC 208

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Found in Departments: Flexcut Carving Tools and Accessories
Flexcut 7/16" No. 7 Sweep Mallet Gouge MC 208Flexcut 7/16" No. 7 Sweep Mallet Gouge MC 208cancelleft arrowright arrow
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 Flexcut Mallet Gouge #7 Sweep 7/16" MC208 ($27.50) Sold Out
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The Flexcut Mallet Gouge # 7 Sweep has the nice sharp edge required by expert carvers and desired by those just starting out. It’s popular with sculptors, furniture makers, carvers and other artists who need to plow through waste wood. Use the gouge with a mallet, or on its own in soft woods.

The #7 sweep is of medium depth and very versatile. The comfortable wooden handle, with octagonal facets, gives intuitive feedback on the orientation of the tool and is easy to strike with the wooden or rubber mallet of you choice. Just as importantly, the high-carbon 1095 steel blade takes a wicked sharp edge, and is easily honed with only a few swipes on a strop.

Made in USA

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