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Flexcut Mallet Carving Sets

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Flexcut Mallet Carving Sets - 4 Piece Mallet Sculptor’s Set - MC175Flexcut Mallet Carving Sets - 4 Piece Mallet Sculptor’s Set - MC175cancelleft arrowright arrow
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- 4 Piece Mallet Sculptor’s Set - MC175

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Sculptor's Set - MC175 alt="Sculptor's Set - MC175"cancel Sculptor's Set - MC175 ($149.95) Sold Out
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Starter Set - MC150 alt="Starter Set - MC150"cancel Starter Set - MC150 ($174.95) Sold Out
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Deluxe Mallet Set - MC100 alt="Deluxe Mallet Set - MC100"cancel Deluxe Mallet Set - MC100 ($308.95) Sold Out
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Flexcut's Mallet carving tools provide the control, and razor sharp edge required by expert carvers, and desired by those just starting out. Each set contains a practical mix of sharp and ready to use tools that will have you carving as soon as you take them out of the wooden box. Comfortable wooden handles, with octagonal facets give intuitive feedback on the orientation of the tool, and are easy to strike with the wooden or rubber mallet of you choice. Just as importantly, the high-carbon 1095 steel blade takes a wicked sharp edge, and is easily honed.

The thin blade of Flexcut Mallet carving tools impart a unique flex to their cutting action. Flexcut uses 1095 high-carbon spring-steel, hardened to between 55 and 58 HRC (depending on the tool), and sharpened to a mirror finished edge at the factory in Pennsylvania. Sharpness is always a balancing act between having a durable edge, and one that is easily resharpened. Flexcut's steel selection and heat treatment split that hair right down the middle; the mallet carvers can hold an edge, but are easily honed back to razor sharp with only a few swipes on a strop.

Flexcut Mallet Carvering Sets provide solid value and excellent performance for the seasoned carver looking for another a great tool in their arsenal, or the total beginner looking to start off with a set of high quality tools.

All sets come packaged in a wooden case, with removable lid.
Find individual set tool listings on the "Set Contents" Tab Above.

Flexcut Carving tools are Made in Pennsylvania, USA.

All sets come sharp, ready to carve, and packaged in a wooden box with removable sliding lid.

MC175 Mallet Sculptor's Set click for picture
The Sculptors set contains large tools made with 20% thicker steel than the rest of the mallet carver line, and are designed for working large. A favorite for carousel horses, and life sized sculpture.
#3 by 2" Gouge, #5 by 1-3/8" Gouge, #10 by 1-1/8" Gouge, 90 deg. x 1-3/8" V-Tool

MC150 Mallet Starter Set click for picture
High Quality, sharp tools are the foundation of any carving practice. This 6 tool set is a great way to get into carving.
#3 x 1" Gouge, #5 x 11/16" Gouge, #7 x 7/16" Gouge, #11 x 1/4" Gouge, #10 x 9/16" Gouge, 60 deg. x 3/8" V-Tool

MC175 Deluxe Mallet Set click for picture
Pick up a mallet and let the shavings fly with 8 gouges from 1" through 1/8", and both 45 and 60 degree V-Tools.
#3 x 1/2" Gouge, #3 x 1" Gouge, #5 x 1-3/16" Gouge, #7 x 11/16" Gouge, #9 x 1/2" Gouge, #10 x 3/4" Gouge, #11 x 1/8" Gouge, #11 x 1/4" Gouge, 45 deg. x 3/16" V-Tool, 60 deg. x 1/2" V-Tool

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Flexcut Scuptor's Mallet Tool set is a very good value
By: Richard (Sep, 2017)
I just got this set in the mail today (shipping speed and price is excellent) and have been tapping away on a 12" x 12" x 4" piece of cherry wood. I am prone to using Pfeil Swiss tools and Ashley Isles gouges but the larger sizes in sweeps #3, 5, and 7 were either not in stock, or more money than I wanted to spend to get 3-4 tools. I decided to try the Flexcut Sculptor's Set and they are worth every penny. They are robust and sharp and are a wonderful addition to my tools that were up-to-now only as large as 30mm across. Thanks, Flexcut
I own this product.
By: chistopher burkett (Jul, 2015)
I like to see a 20pc set and roll the have the mc 175 or mc 150 tools in it also woodraspers half round files flex cur is my favoirite tool company I have allways buying
I own this product.

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