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Clifton Block Plane

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The Clifton Block Plane is a finely made plane with a heavy bronze body, adjustable mouth, and a low bed angle. The Cryro-Treated O1 tool-steel iron excels at trimming end grain in joinery, and smoothing difficult or reversing grain. Clifton has distinguished itself as a maker of shoulder and other specialty planes, mostly based on Preston designs. This experience has expanded to a great line of bench planes that are done right, and now their take on a block plane provides an excellent tool for Clifton purists, or those who appreciate fine European workmanship.

The original cast block plane as first introduced by Stanley in the mid 19th century was designed as a pretty good, inexpensive tool, easily carried in a pocket. For many woodworkers the block plane is one of their most often used planes. The Clifton design, acknowledges the original Stanley in a more refined package that plays to Clifton's manufacturing strengths as a traditional factory with a skilled workforce capable of fine hand-work. As one of Sheffield's last remaining tool makers it's worth a look at the video in the media window showing Clifton's factory.

Clifton has added several features to the basic block plane: A 2 lb. bronze body that adds authority to the plane stroke. A Norris style adjuster, and large locking wheel for accurate and easy depth and angle adjustment at your finger tips. A carefully machined flat sole and plane bed for vibration free planing. And a hand fitted wooden top to the lever cap that gives a comfortable place for you palm to rest with total control over the plane.

The Norris type adjuster is unique to the Clifton plane, and relies on a double threaded screw, with two floating steel pivots that ride in a precisely machined slot. At the plane mouth two stops are machined on either side of the iron bed. This design was originally introduced by Norris and is evident on their higher end planes with adjusters.


Weight: 2.1 lb (.95 kg)
Bed Angle: 12 Deg.
Bevel Angle: 25 Deg.
Blade Width: 1-5/8" (41.2mm)
Blade Thickness: .125" (3.7mm)
Sole Dims: 6-1/2" by 2" (165.1mm by 50.8mm)

Clifton Planes are Made in Sheffield England.

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Lucky to have one of these.
By: michael tulloch (Jun, 2024)
A pro Finish carpenter for 40 yrs. Many block planes now in the collection. This is the King of the lot. Nice hefty weight , the steel holds an edge forever. And, I sometimes take it to bed with me .
I own this product.
Marian Stringed Instruments
By: Michael Marian (Dec, 2017)
Unbelievable block plane. Perfect out of the box. Sole is true blade razor sharp.stope it first and you’ll be happier. Hefty for a block plane, and it immediately sliced through the toughest curly maple for thin violin sides. The weight really helps. Size feels like a cross between a #2 and #3. And with an adjustable mouth with low angle.The mechanism being Norris type is the best I have ever seen on a block plane. I could change depth of cut faster than picking up another plane in my hand. Extremely comfortable to use. Worth every penny. Expensive? Not for what you get. My time is valuable and to be able to change depth of cut, that fast, is extraordinary. Great job Clifton
I own this product.

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