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Limited Edition Signed Photographs - Moxon's Kiss

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Limited Edition Signed Photographs - Moxon’s Kiss - Plate 4 - Joinery ToolsLimited Edition Signed Photographs - Moxon’s Kiss - Plate 4 - Joinery Toolscancelleft arrowright arrow
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- Plate 4 - Joinery Tools

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Plate 4 Joinery Tools alt="Plate 4 Joinery Tools"cancelPlate 4 Joinery Tools
 11" x 14" (edition of 25) ($44.95) In Stock
 16" x 20" (edition of 5) ($95.00) In Stock
 20" x 24" (edition of 3) ($149.00) In Stock
Moxon's Kiss alt="Moxon's Kiss"cancelMoxon's Kiss
 11" x 14" (edition of 15) ($44.95) In Stock
 16" x 20" (edition of 5) ($95.00) In Stock
 20" x 24" (edition of 3) ($149.00) In Stock
Plate 12 Pole Lathe alt="Plate 12 Pole Lathe"cancelPlate 12 Pole Lathe
 11" x 14" (edition of 25) ($44.95) In Stock
 16" x 20" (edition of 5) ($95.00) In Stock
 20" x 24" (edition of 3) ($149.00) In Stock
Plate 13 Lathe Accessories alt="Plate 13 Lathe Accessories"cancelPlate 13 Lathe Accessories
 11" x 14" (edition of 20) ($44.95) In Stock
 16" x 20" (edition of 5) ($95.00) In Stock
 20" x 24" (edition of 3) ($149.00) In Stock
When we think about the images that we can frame and display, it’s rare to find images of the tools that inspire us. These images from Moxon’s "Mechanick Exercises" offer just such an opportunity. The images have been recently published in two installments of “Moxon’s Kiss” on Joel’s blog (links below).

This project stems from years of discussion with the hand tool community about the ways we show our connection to the history of handwork. We also have received ongoing queries* for our limited edition Plane Spotting poster, which we offered in 2017, which speaks to the continuing interest in images that address our values. (*Sorry, those were a limited run that ran out pretty quickly, so no.) There is no doubt that these images can make our appreciation for craft more universally understandable and accessible.

Generally the size print you want is about where it is being displayed. An 11” x 14” print is perfect for a hallway or a small study, but would get lost in a living room, den or office where a larger print would be more proportional to the space. By the same token a series of small prints hanging around a large area can be visually very effective.

The free download files linked to on the blog are about 5000 pixels across and can be freely printed for your own personal use, appropriate for small prints and screen savers. These pictures offered here for sale, from 11”x14” and up, are all from much higher resolution files (even the smaller prints benefit from the added resolution) and are of limited availability. The largest size print we offer here is 20” x 24” but the source material is able to produce even larger prints that may be available by special request.

All prints are printed using archival pigment printing (Giclee Prints). Except where noted, all prints are printed on Hahnemühle Lustre paper. This is an archival paper with a semi-matte texture. All prints include a handling margin and are signed and numbered in the bottom right margin. Sizes are nominal. 11" x 14" includes a margin so that the print will fit in a standard frame with no mat if you wish. All other prints are roughly the nominal size with an additional margin of about 1/2" or more all around. Print quantity is fixed for a particular image, paper, and size. Please note that pricing might change as the edition sells out.

All prints larger are shipped via FedEx in a plastic protective cover and rolled up in a tube. 11” x 14” prints may be shipped flat. As prints are custom printed to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Shipping cannot be combined with other items except similarly-sized prints. We may need to manually adjust your order, which can affect its overall shipping cost, to ensure the separate shipment.

About the Photographer:

Joel Moskowitz’s photography has been shown in solo and group shows at Leica Gallery, Gallery Henoch, OK Harris, and Emulsion.

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