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Real Milk Paint Powdered Paint Remover

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Real Milk Paint Co.
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Mix one part Milk Paint Remover powder with two parts water and get a thick, easily applied cream that dissolves multiple layers of old paint with one application. No toxic fumes, acids or fire hazards! The drudgery of scraping is also kept to a minimum. It's very cost effective too.

Use it in a temperature of 65 degrees or warmer - the warmer the weather, the quicker Powdered Paint Remover works.

Note: Milk Paint Powdered Remover is great for milk paint, latex, casein and oil paints, but not recommended for thin layers of modern oil paints or shellac, varnishes or lacquers. Use a solvent remover for those kinds of paints and finishes.

Keep this remover away from aluminum, clothing, plastics, linoleum, leather and soft goods. Contains sodium carbonate and calcium hydroxide. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. In cases of eye contact, flush freely with water. If swallowed, give water or milk.

Made in the USA.

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