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Liberon Pure Tung Oil

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Liberon Finishing Supplies
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 Pure tung oil - 250ml ($30.80) In Stock
 Pure tung oil - 500ml ($47.00) In Stock
Pure tung oil is a natural, non-toxic oil which is ideal for all wood surfaces used in food preparation - chopping boards, salad bowl, butchers blocks, etc. It comes from the pressed nuts of the tung tree, which is originally native to China. It has been used for finishing in China since at least 400 B.C. In the past 50 years, tung oil has been very popular by itself, or as an ingredient in other finishing oils. As a pure oil it has a lot of advantages. It readily penetrates bare wood, leaving a matte finish that develops a graceful, natural patina over time. And once dry, it is non-toxic so it can be used on wooden-ware and toys.
Liberon tung oil is about as pure as we can find.. It’s very easy to apply: just wipe it on. It is basically a non-filling finish, so the texture of the wood remains. Rub out the finish between coats using 0000 Steel wool. Figure on applying about 3-6 coats for a great deep finish. The dried finish is very sturdy. Minor scratches can be repaired just by applying another coat. The only down side is that dry time is about 25 hours and final curing time, after all the coats have been applied is about 1 - 2 weeks. Made in England.
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