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Small Carver Axe by Kalthoff Axes

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Strong, sturdy and nimble, the Kalthoff Small Carver Axe makes quick work of readying wood into carvable pieces. Julia Kalthoff, Kalthoff Axes’ founder, worked at Gransfors and Wetterlings before setting up her own company. The carver axe is the company’s specialty. As Kalthoff noted in a Quercus magazine interview, “I just wanted to develop one carving axe because I love to carve.”

The axe’s design was developed in consultation with the Swedish carver and sloyd instructor Beth Moen and metallurgist Frederik Haakonsen. The axe head weighs just 550 grams (1.21 lbs), making it easy to swing. The axe is balanced just below the axe head, giving it a force that belies this light weight.

The blade’s steel alloy (chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel) was chosen for hardness, wear resistance, suitability for sharpening and great edge retention. The 32 degree angle works well for both soft and hard wood, and the axe’s overall size makes it a versatile choice for a nice range of carving options.

The Small Carver Axe’s handle is made of Swedish Ash, chosen for its strength and flexibility, that is turned, hand shaved and then oiled with raw linseed oil. The axe comes with a fitted sheath made of vegetable-tanned leather.

The blade is 4" long and 5 1/8" from the middle of the cutting edge to the back of the poll.

Made in Sweden.
“I am very satisfied with it. The balance, weight, size, sharpness and handle length. I can easily carve with precise chops." -- Knut Ostgard
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