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Ashley Iles 1/16" Side Bent 60 deg. V Tools

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Ashley Iles 1/16" Side Bent 60 deg. V ToolsAshley Iles 1/16" Side Bent 60 deg. V Toolscancelleft arrowright arrow
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These nifty tools can help you access tricky area, such as the grass around an animal or bird’s feet, or any other time side-cutting is the only way to do precision work around corners. The Sideways Bent V tools come in pairs for right and left cutting, or individually. Blade length is approximately 3 1/8" not including the palm handle. The cutting angle is 60 degrees. Like all Ashley Iles tools, it is packed sharp and ready to go.
"In both sculpture and in detailed relief work these special V-tools could help to advance your technique. They have been forged with considerable skill and technically they are hard to fault ... these V-tools certainly are in the really useful category." - From a Woodcarving magazine test report of the Ashley Iles Side-bent V-tools (Woodcarving No. 63, p. 49)

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Customer Reviews:
Relif Carver
By: Clancy Smith (Aug, 2014)
Please let me know as soon as you have a pair of these tools in stock. I would like to add those to my collection of Ashley Iles tools, the best money can buy. I have been using Ashley Iles tool since Peter Benson introduced me to them 15 years ago

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