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Replacement Socket Housing for Festool Tools

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Replacement Socket  Housing for Festool Tools - How to change the socket on a Festool Power video

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 Socket Housing for ETS 150 and ES Sanders(#492604) ($9.20) In Stock
 Socket Housing for ETSEC 125 and ETSEC 150 Sanders (#705195) ($10.30) In Stock
 Socket Housing for ETS 125 REQ, DTS and RTS Sanders (#708213) ($14.40) In Stock
 Socket Housing for RO 90(#496388) ($16.80) In Stock
 Socket Housing for RO 125 Sander(#493167) ($9.20) In Stock
 Socket Housing for -PS-300, RO 150 FEQ MFK 700(#490282) ($9.30) In Stock
Socket Housing for PSB 300 Jigsaws (#489622) ($9.10) Temporarily unavailable
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 Socket Housing for DF 500 Joiner(#493635) ($9.50) In Stock
 Socket Housing for DF 700 Joiner (#700021) ($17.90) In Stock
 Socket Housing for 1010 Router(#489926) ($8.80) In Stock
 Socket Housing for OF1400 Router (#491996) ($9.80) In Stock
 Socket Housing for TS 55 and TS 75 (#491725) ($24.60) In Stock
 Socket Housing for all CT Vacs including the CT Mini and Midi(#704570) ($59.70) In Stock
 Socket Housing for DS 400, ETS 125, ES 125, LS 130, RS 400(#489742) ($9.30) In Stock
 Socket Housing for newer Planex 2(494383) ($46.84) Sold Out
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 Socket Housing for older-style Planex (494383) ($31.32) In Stock
Occasionally the power cord sockets on Festool units wear out. Unless there is a good connection between tool and cord, the connection arcs, carbonizes, and slowly burns out over time. This can be prevented by ensuring that every time you connect a cord, you turn it a complete 90° so it is totally connected. The reality is that, especially when in the middle of a job, sometimes we don't turn it all the way, and eventually the socket gets fried. But the problem also effects the cords: if the plug end of a cord isn't totally connected, it will start to arc and burn out just like the socket. Even worse, when you then connect the burned cord to other tools, you won't be able to get a proper connection, and the connection on the new tool will begin to degrade.

The solution is simple. If the socket on your tool is black and burned out, replace it, and replace any cords that show arcing too. We stock sockets for most of the Festool tools, and replacement cords are also listed on this page.

Note: We almost only see this issue on tools that get very heavy use.

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