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FESTOOL Shinex Polisher

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Replacement polishing pad for the Shinex (#488342) alt="Replacement polishing pad for the Shinex (#488342)"cancel Replacement polishing pad for the Shinex (#488342) ($59.00) In Stock
The Shinex Rotary Polisher was developed with the close consultation of woodworking and painting specialists - and this collaboration shows. When you need to power away surface defects to get glossy, polished surfaces, you'll appreciate the Shinex's many great features. It feels light and secure in your hand. It's an ergonomic delight! The easy grip and well balanced weight distribution prevent fatigue, even after extended use. The variable speed allows you to perfectly adjust the tool's output for the job at hand. Festool recommends their Rotex line for woodworkers who need a sander and occasionally need a polisher since that line is more versatile. They recommend the Shinex system for folks who need to go for the gloss (polishing in the automobile industry or doing super high gloss wood finishing). The polishing pad features integrated shock absorption for optimum distribution of pressure during polishing.In addition to the polishing pads made for the Shines you can also use the polishing pads that are used on the 6" Rotex. The system's special features include double reduction gearing; a 1200 watt power consumption; and variable speed from 400-2100 rpm.

There are two versions of the Shines: a high speed. low torgue version for general polishing, especially on wood, paint and finished surfaces, and general automotive polishing. For very aggressive polishing, with lots of pressure, typically found in some automotive work, we also stock a low speed high torgue version of the tool.

Backing pad diameter: 6" (150 mm).
Spindle thread: M 14
Weight: 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)
Comes in a packing carton (no Systainer)

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