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FESTOOL Platin-2 6" Diameter Sanding Disks

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Found in Departments: All 6" (150mm) Festool Sandpaper
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  Festool Platin 2 Sandpaper
FESTOOL Platin-2 6" Diameter Sanding DisksFESTOOL Platin-2 6" Diameter Sanding Diskscancelleft arrowright arrow
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 Pack of 15 disks - 400 grit (#492368) ($91.00) In Stock
 Pack of 15 disks - 500 grit (#492369) ($91.00) In Stock
 Pack of 15 disks - 1000 grit (#492370) ($91.00) In Stock
 Pack of 15 disks - 2000 grit (#492371) ($91.00) In Stock
 Pack of 15 disks - 4000 grit (#492372) ($91.00) In Stock
Platin 2 is Festool's recommended sandpaper for finishing solid surface countertop material. It is also popular in the auto-body finishing industry. For solid surface countertops, start with Titan 2 and then use Platin in grits 500 - 4000 for a high gloss finish. For mirror polish, follow the 4000 with polishing compounds. Platin 2 is a stearated, silicon carbine abrasive with a synthetic resin bond. The grit is open- coated to allow space to prevent clogging, and the backing is foam - fiber.

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