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Festool Rubin 2 - Mini Packs of 6" 150mm Diameter Sanding Disks

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Found in Departments: All 6" (150mm) Festool Sandpaper
  Festool Rubin 2 Sandpaper
Festool Rubin 2 - Mini Packs of 6" 150mm Diameter Sanding DisksFestool Rubin 2 - Mini Packs of 6" 150mm Diameter Sanding Diskscancelleft arrowright arrow
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Code: FS-S6MR2.XX
 20 pieces of 40 grit ($23.00) In Stock
 20 pieces of 80 grit ($23.00) In Stock
Rubin abrasive is ideal for natural wood, veneers and wood composites. It’s designed to shed wood fibers fast, eliminating clogging due to the buildup of pitch and wood fibers. Festool estimates that you’ll get up to 30% longer life out of every sheet. You’ll notice how sharp the abrasive stays even with aggressive use.

The sandpaper incorporates a special closed-coated aluminum oxide. Like all Festool abrasives, these sandpaper sheets are engineered and manufactured to strict FEPA standards, guaranteeing uniform abrasive positioning and consistent sanding results.

These Minipacks of genuine Festool Rubin 2 sandpaper are packaged by us for the occasions when a full pack is too much for your product and a 10 pack just isn't enough. These packs are priced at a slightly higher per disk cost than the larger packs to reflect our repacking costs.

There are 20 discs in each pack.

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