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Festool Polishing Compounds

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 MPA 5010 Speed Cut(#202048) ($49.00) In Stock
 MPA 9010 Fine Polishing(#202050) ($42.00) Sold Out
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 MPA 11010 High Gloss Anti-Hologram (#202051) ($42.00) In Stock
 Sealing Spray MPA SV+ (#202052) ($35.00) In Stock
 Finish Cleaner MAP F+ (#202053) ($28.00) Sold Out
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Festool polishing compounds are water-based, silicone-free liquid abrasives that can take your work to a mirror polish.

The polishing compounds are available in three formulations, all packaged in easy-to-use squeeze bottles, and have a pleasant scent - a nice contrast to the fumes that some other polishing compounds possess.

MPA 5010 Speed Cut (use with orange pads and with sheepskin)
MPA 9010 Fine Polishing (use with blue pads)
MPA 11010 High Gloss (use with white pads)

Festool also offers two related products, both offered in spray bottles: a water-based, non-silicone, shine-promoting Sealant that serves as the final step in the polishing process and protects and maintains the clear coat, and a Cleaner that removing polish residues and grease marks.

All products are 500 ml. Ground shipment only.

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By: steven witt (Sep, 2020)
Unbelievable product
I own this product.

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