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Festool Edge Sanding Attachment ETS/ETSC 125 and Attachments

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Festool Edge Sanding Attachment ETS/ETSC 125 and AttachmentsFestool Edge Sanding Attachment ETS/ETSC 125 and Attachmentscancelleft arrowright arrow
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Sanding Attachment ETS/ETSC 125 (#205316) alt="Sanding Attachment ETS/ETSC 125 (#205316)"cancel Sanding Attachment ETS/ETSC 125 (#205316) ($109.00) In Stock
Plastic base pl LAS-H-ES(#205491) alt="Plastic base pl LAS-H-ES(#205491)"cancel Plastic base pl LAS-H-ES(#205491) ($28.00) In Stock
Plastic base pl LAS-H-ES(#205492) alt="Plastic base pl LAS-H-ES(#205492)"cancel Plastic base pl LAS-H-ES(#205492) ($28.00) In Stock
Plastic base pl LAS-H-ES(#205493) alt="Plastic base pl LAS-H-ES(#205493)"cancel Plastic base pl LAS-H-ES(#205493) ($28.00) In Stock
More nimble than using edge-sanding equipment and much faster and less fatiguing than hand sanding: the Festool Edge Sanding Guide quickly attaches to the ETS 125 (5”) and cordless ETSC 125 to give your edges speedy and professional edge sanding.

Its intuitive design adapts to practically any kind of edge, angle, or curvature. The edge sanding guide helps to maintain flush contact and consistent pressure on the edge without tilting or accidentally burning through material. You can set and hold angles with a tool-free adjustment and lock system. The ergonomic design will feel comfortable in your hand. The replaceable base runner pads protect sensitive workpieces.

Works edges from 3/16" - 3/8"(5-60 mm).

Includes Base LAS-H-ES, Base LAS-W-ES and hex key (WAF 5)

Note: This product is not compatible with any sander other than the ETS 125 and the cordless version of the ETS 125. It is not compatible with the ETS 150 or the ETS EC 125.

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