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Festool CT Wings

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Found in Departments: FESTOOL Vacuums (Dust Extractors) and Accessories
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Festool CT Wings
Festool CT Wings
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Festool CT Wings
Festool CT Wings
Festool CT Wings

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Every once in awhile Festool comes out with a tool that really sucks. But in a good way. With the Festool CTWings you use the power of your CT vacuum as a third hand. Attached to a CT vacuum, the CT Wings suck on to a wall and provide an additional support for mounting long items to a wall like molding, or holding a straight-edge or level in place for layout marks. With 16 adjustable “wings”, CT Wings adjust and conform to molding and other stock quickly while providing a tacky grip surface to minimize movement. A bypass-valve allows for quick and easy release and reset without having to shut off your vac.

Maximum thickness of material: 2" (50mm).

Maximum load: 6.6lbs (3kb).

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