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FastCap Mag Shim Magnetic Spacers

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 FastCap Mag Shim Magnetic Spacers ($39.95) In Stock
Set yourself up for success with FastCap Mag Shim Magnetic Spacers. Mag Shims can be used as setup blocks to set spacing heights of your bits and blades. Use them in a solid chunk, fan them out in graduated distances or easily remove some of the shims for a particular depth -- from 1/16” to 1 ⅛” thick.

You’ll find many uses for the handy Mag Shims. Set router bit or drill bill depths, dado depths and table saw spacing. Use them as ⅛” shims for layout. The outside corners can also be used to mark out corner curves.

The Shims come with a super-strong magnet so they’ll stick to steel surfaces for convenient use and storage. (Hint: don't get your fingers caught between them.) Includes eight 1/8" shims, two 1/16" shims and two 1/16" steel spacers.

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