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Fastcap Pro Carpenter Square One Tape Measures

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  Tape Measures
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 Square One Tape Measure (#PSQ-25 SQUARE1) ($16.64) In Stock
FastCap Square One Tape Measure is designed to help you double-check square on your project -- without remembering math formulas. The tape measure has a dual scale: on one side, the standard scale, and on the other side, a clever hypotenuse scale. Begin by measuring the first side of your square and then copy the measurement onto the second side. Make a triangle with the tape measure blade serving as hypotenuse between the two marks. If the number on the hypotenuse scale is the same as the length you measured, your project is square.

The Square One Tape Measure also has all the great standard FastCap tape measure features - the erasable notepad, built-in pencil sharpener, durable ergonomic rubber casing, etc. 25’ long.

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