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FastCap Flush Cut Trimmers & Nippers

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FastCap Micro Flush Cut Trimmers alt="FastCap Micro Flush Cut Trimmers"cancel FastCap Micro Flush Cut Trimmers ($15.29) In Stock
FastCap Macro Flush Cut Trimmers alt="FastCap Macro Flush Cut Trimmers"cancel FastCap Macro Flush Cut Trimmers ($21.97) In Stock
FastCap Flush Cut Fret Trimmers alt="FastCap Flush Cut Fret Trimmers"cancel FastCap Flush Cut Fret Trimmers ($21.97) In Stock
FastCap Flush Cut End Nippers alt="FastCap Flush Cut End Nippers"cancel FastCap Flush Cut End Nippers ($21.97) In Stock
FastCap Heavy Duty (HD) Flush Cut Trimmers alt="FastCap Heavy Duty (HD) Flush Cut Trimmers"cancel FastCap Heavy Duty (HD) Flush Cut Trimmers ($28.60) In Stock
Fastcap Flush Cut Trimmers and Nippers are versatile line of pliers that you will use again and again to cut with precision and ease.

All Flush Cut Trimmers and Nippers feature spring loaded jaws and specially hardened steel cutters for long edge life. Choose the particular trimmer (or the whole range) depending on whether you’re looking to pull out small slivers of wood or plastic in tight spaces, cut wire to trim nails.

Micro Flush Cut Trimmers are particularly suited for trimming in tight corners. You'll love them for trimming off the t-molding at the end of the run. Use them in tight spots to pull out small brad nails and small slivers of wood.

Macro Flush Cut Trimmers are great on wood and PVC. edgebanding with standard thicknesses of .018"-.025" (Note: Not recommended for 3 mm edge banding, nails or screws.)

Fret Nippers are designed by a luthier especially for use in making instruments. Cut nickel, copper and brass wires with ease and precision. (Use the Heavy Duty trimmers for stainless steel frets.)

End Nippers cut brass, copper and nickel wires and edge banding up to 3 mm.

Heavy Duty (HD) Flush Cut Trimmers cut nails like nobody’s business. You can also use them to cut stainless steel frets. And their power magnets help you keep metal trimmings and debris in order.

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