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FastCap Screw Cap Covers - Unfinished Real Wood Sampler Package

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FastCap Screw Cap Covers - Unfinished Real Wood Sampler PackageFastCap Screw Cap Covers - Unfinished Real Wood Sampler Packagecancelleft arrowright arrow
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 FastCap Unfinished Real Wood Screw Covers - Sampler Kit ($45.74) Sold Out
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FastCap’s best known product is probably its self-adhesive screw cap cover. The peel-and-stick caps also known as fastcaps are very handy for covering up countersunk screws, holes, nail heads and other distractions from the beauty of your furniture. The caps’ adhesion cures and gets stronger over time and withstands moisture for years after their initial application.

Even better than the standard PVC caps are these ones made of unfinished wood in a variety pack. Just choose the wood and then finish the caps along with your project for a nearly perfect match. You can dye them or apply your favorite finish. No more “kinda sorta” matches that you hope no one will notice. There is no substitute for real wood.

The sampler package features 15 different woods so that you have a wide array of options, including: Red Oak, Cherry, White Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Pine, White Birch, Natural Birch, Walnut, VG Fir, Angigre, Ash, Sapele, Hickory/Pecan and Alder

The kit has one sheet of each wood with fifty-two 9/16” caps per sheet.

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