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Clifton 77 Adjustable 1 1/8" Bullnose Plane

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  Shoulder and Rebate Planes
Clifton 77  Adjustable 1 1/8" Bullnose PlaneClifton 77  Adjustable 1 1/8" Bullnose Planecancelleft arrowright arrow
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Adjustable Bullnose Plane ($189.95) Not available
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Based on the Preston 1355, the Clifton 77 fixed bullnose shoulder plane continues the line of shoulder planes coming from Sheffield. 1 1/8" wide and only about 4" long, it's small and lightweight enough to be easily used with one hand in close-up work, or deep inside a carcase after assembly. It's nimble design will let you get in close on inside corners. A fine mouth typically defines the performance of a shoulder plane more than any other feature, and this plane offers no exception to the rule, with a very fine fixed mouth that won't go out of whack. The Clifton 77 is made of annealed iron, which is largely indestructible, and it will give precision service for your lifetime and that of a few generations to come.
Made in England.

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