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Clifton 3-in-1 combination plane

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  Shoulder and Rebate Planes
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Clifton 3-in-1 combination plane ($299.95) Not available
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 Replacement blade ($39.95) In Stock
I think most people use this rebate plane (also known on these shores as a rabbet plane) as a regular shoulder plane. However, by substituting the bullnose attachment (which comes included) you have bullnose plane, and by removing the front entirely, the rebate plane becomes a chisel plane. I don't think it's a particularly convenient way of having three planes, but when you occasionally need a bullnose of chisel plane, getting your shoulder plane to do double duty is a great value.

Sole is 6" long (when set up as a shoulder plane). Blade width 1-1/6"
Made in England.
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Decent Shoulder Plane
By: Bryant White (Jan, 2022)
I've used this plane for over 10 years as a professional furniture maker. I keep it as a shoulder plane but have occasionally used it as a bull nose and chisel plane. Only thing I disliked was that the front shoulder attachment was not absolutely coplaner with the other half so it had to be flattened. Be aware that doing this without care could make the side out of square with the sole of the plane.
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Clifton 3-1 combination shoulder plane
By: Troy B Staten (Jul, 2021)
This is a nice plane,the sides and base are square which is important in a shoulder plane. you can adjust the mouth opening with by adding steel or brass shims to make the mouth wider. Even if you don't need a bullnose plane this is a good shoulder plane.
I own this product.

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